Charles Sakr


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  Objets d'art
Lustres Florence 18e siècle réf 1103 : A pair of elegant black painted and parcel-gilt chandeliers in wood and bronze holding fifteen candle branches.
H 37.43 in W 25.61 in
Italy Florence XVIII century
Appliques France 19e siècle réf 1700 : Pair of ormolu wall sconces with four lights, the cherub holding the main light.
Five lights total
H 18,9 in W 17,3 in D 19,7 in
Appliques Louis XVI réf 1096 : A pair of Louis XVI guilt-bronze, three-light wall scones
H 20.49 in W 15.76 in
France late XVIII century
Lustre Italie 18e siècle réf 1498 : Charming small wooden dark grey and parcel-gilt chandelier comprising twelve iron candle branches
H 13.64 in W 13.64 in
Italy Piedmontese early XVIII century
Appliques Italie 18e siècle réf 1747 : Pair of sculpted, gilded and cream painted wall sconces, the base decorated with a stylized laurel leaves pattern, with one fluted light on a scroll of acanthus leaf
H 21,1 in W 8,7 in D 27 in.
Italy XVIIIth century
Provenance: Family of Count Rey Di Villarey, Piedmont
Lustre France 19e siècle réf 1699 : H 31.52 in W 33.49 in
France XIX century
Appliques France 19e siècle réf 1745 : Pair of patinated bronze Louis XVI style wall sconces in the taste of Jean-Charles Delafosse.
The fluted stems are topped by a garland of laurels, holding two lights.
H 21,7 in W 11 in D 7,5 in
France XIXth century
Appliques France 19e siècle réf 1510 : A rare suite of four napoleon III gilded bronze wall lights suspending little chandeliers
H 22.46 in
France XIX century
Lustre France 19e siècle réf 1841 : An ormolu and gilded chandelier with eight lights in the shape of a horn of plenty. It is decorated with palms on a black lacquered background.
H 35,4 in W 28 in
France XIXth century
Appliques France 19e siècle réf 1796 : A set of four gilded and lacquered iron sheet wall sconces, decorated with acanthus leaves
H 24,6 in W 12,8 in
Italy XIXth century
Lustre Italie 19e siècle réf 1838 : A bronze fifteen-light chandelier circa 1900
With foliate cast branches
H 49 in
Italy XIX° century
Lanternes France 1940 réf 1301 : A pair of patinated and parcel-gilt iron lanterns.
H 24.43 in W 15.76 in Base 7.88 in
France 1940
Lanternes Italie 17e siècle réf 1110 : A pair of carved wood and silvered lanterns
H 48.86 in
Italy XVII century
Paire de girandoles réf 4003 :
7 quai Voltaire 75007 Paris - France
Le Louvre des Antiquaires, 2 place du Palais Royal 75001 Paris - France